This article is the last in a series of five detailing each day of the W-Circuit trek in Torres del Paine National Park. The trek was completed starting with the Glacier Grey leg and going west-to-east, though it can be completed in the opposite direction as well.

The Base las Torres are one of South America's most distinctive natural landmarks and the most visited sight in Torres del Paine.

The trail from Torres Central goes through the Valle Ascencio and then up a steep ascent to the base itself. If you've summited a 14er before, it is a comparable hike. You can also camp at the Chileno campsite which is much closer to the base. Head out early in the morning to give yourself enough time. While many plan to take iconic sunrise photos of the Torres, in practice it is extremely difficult to reach the base before dawn and visibility is far from guaranteed.

Valle Ascencio Valle Ascencio

Unless the weather is truly adverse to the point that ascending is treacherous you should continue up. Don't get discouraged if visibility is poor and assume you won't be able to see the Torres, weather conditions can shift rapidly and there is no telling what you will encounter at the top. I ran into cloudy weather that lifted around 10 minutes after reaching the mirador.

Base Las Torres Base Las Torres

The mirador sits along a small lake that has formed at the base of the torres. It can get a little crowded in the early afternoon.

Base Las Torres Base Las Torres

One advantage of ending the W-Circuit at Base las Torres is that it feels like more of an accomplishment and a capstone to the trek.

Base Las Torres Torres del Paine

You'll want to make sure to time your descent back to Torres Central to catch the shuttle bus back to the park entrance in time to catch the bus back to Puerto Natales unless you staying the night.

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