Travelling third class on a Soviet-era train to Tbilisi.

Street performance during the Francophonie Summit in Yerevan outside the Paronyan Musical Comedy Theatre.

The 17th Francophonie Summit (XVIIe Sommet de la Francophonie) is underway in Yerevan. Here's a quick look around the Village de la Francophonie which is open to the public and has exhibitions from nations across the Francosphere.

Flowers and candles are left in Charles Aznavour Square in Yerevan to commemorate the long life of singer Charles Aznavour (1924-2018).

Today marked the 27th Independence Day of Armenia. In 1991, 99.5% of the Armenian people voted in favor of seceding from the crumbling Soviet Union and finally establishing a sovereign Armenian state. Fireworks kick off in Republic Square in the evening with a spectacular display launched in front of the history museum. This video was shot using a GoPro Hero5 Black positioned along the edge of the Republic Square fountain pool.

A fire broke out in the Mount Ararat foothills over the Turkish border. The area is lightly inhabited and the fire burned out after around five hours. The flames were visible from Yerevan and smoke wafted over the city, though there was never any danger of the fire coming near the Turkish-Armenian border.

The dancing fountains in Republic Square in Yerevan perform every night during warmer months at 9PM.

If you're visiting Yerevan in the summer you'll experience sweltering heat during the day. No matter how thirsty you get, resist the urge to drink from any of the public water fountains around Yerevan. You will see many locals crowded around drinking from them but they have built up an immunity to the pathogens in the water. The public drinking fountains are not drawing from the municipal water supply but are pumped in untreated from other sources, so don't think you can drink from them even if you have been able to tolerate the tap water because it is not the same. I'm not entirely clear why the drinking fountains aren't using the same tap water supply, but it is something to keep in mind since you are almost guaranteed to contract a giardia infection from them. Don't do it.